Enterprise features empower marketers and business users across the enterprise to interact with data in a unified, intuitive, and highly-customizable environment so they can conduct in-depth analysis independently and discover more valuable insights.
A user management portal designed to define enterprise and management user capabilities based on an organizational structure. Ability to set privileges to users and restrict views and access rights. A complete audit log of all tasks performed.
Our white label agency platform ensures each client can only access their intelligence, launch projects to their communities, view their reports and export their own data. The Administrator feature allows the agency lead to access all data.
A well-defined EA with 5 tabs to easily navigate workflow, identify project status and manage all projects. Using a holistic approach icons depict an automatic action required for the individual users. All actions, projects, status updates, users and relevant information is in line of sight.
Convenient cloud access and compact view of all project collateral in one place. A central repository of all your data, questionnaires, communities and reports. Easily search and find data by questions, keywords, insights, users or date. Record and leave notes for fellow colleagues/users to collaborate on projects.
Self-service access to all your data at the touch of a button. We remove the dependency on analysts, allowing the marketer and business user to collect and view data directly. Extract, view, transform and export the data instantly. Reduce analytical preparation time by 60%.
Create new data requests and select targeted communities in minutes. An interface designed for non-researchers to create and launch professional research projects.
Step 1. Name your project Step 2. Select your community and no. of respondents Step 3. Enter your business issue or research objective and upload any media you want tested
A Validator will send your proofed questions back in 2 hours. Just approve and in 24 hours you will receive a complete research report.
Intuitive graphical interface that enables launching a project in under 60 seconds.
Access millions of respondents globally. Our software tags your precise customer/client profile building massive communities of potential customers for you to access. Launch a project from the communities page in one click and view full descriptions of your owned communities.
Prefer to use your own database, we will sent you a short hand link to distribute or post on any social media platform.
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