Our mission

is making insights accessible to the business world

To the users of intelligence – the marketers, the executives, the managers, the decision makers, the people who fuel business growth through knowledge, insight, and intel – we salute you!


Business Intelligence tools can help you understand what’s happening inside your organization – but there’s still a huge blind spot if you are looking solely at internal metrics. Imagine trying to drive while staring at the dashboard; if you don’t look out the windshield, you’re guaranteed to crash pretty soon!


Microsoft Excel or other, similar tools are not designed to deal with a massive influx of data. Yes, IT department, data scientists or market researchers can laboriously build analytical datasets and reports your organization needs – but meanwhile, you’re losing precious time, control and dollars. ValidateIt allows decision makers to collect, access, blend, analyze and visualize data from multiple sources using GUI (Graphical User Interfaces), with no coding or data skill set required. ValidateIt removes costly cycles between understanding your business, and driving it forward.


At ValidateIt, we bridge the gap between the users and buyers of market research and data; accelerating decision-making and putting the power in the users hands. In 2020, a typical financial services firm will have 34.6 zettabytes of data. Those familiar with data and analytics understand that granularity is essential. The ability to expose insights in data and blend that with multiple sources of primary self-report data in 24 hours yields the greatest value. Our software turns dumb data into opportunity data fast.


We believe everyone has the right to insights and knowledge derived from data, irrespective of job title or skill set.

Our philosophy is building a disruptive technology to empower people to make data-driven decisions on their own.

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